How To Sell Art In 3 Easy Steps

How to sell art is something artists ask more and more lately because many of the traditional ways of selling art do not work. Recently many art venues have closed all across the world meaning there are fewer and fewer places for artists to show their work and connect with patrons.The art world is changing.These days many artists are discovering that promoting and marketing their own work directly to people is better than fighting to get their work in an art gallery or find an artist rep. Thankfully the web makes this not only possible but cheap.Thanks to free tools such as blogs and social media artists can sell their art to anyone anywhere. And for the low cost of a domain name and hosting an artist can have their own website and run their own digital gallery selling their work directly.But where to start?The internet has exploded with possibilities that it can often be overwhelming to an artists looking to gain an audience online. But there are three simple steps to keep in mind when it comes to selling your art.The first thing is to always focus on your art. Before dreaming of solo shows in NYC and the fame and fortune that may come with it an artist most continually work and being a better artists. Clocking countless hours in the studio working to get better and better. To sell art is to first and foremost be an artist.The second step is to slowly begin to build a following. It is still not time to think about sales, only think about fans. An artist must get their work out in front of people in any way they can and then also build a connection with those people. This is where the internet comes in.As you begin to emerge as an artist you’ll display your work in venues that will not produce sales. Coffee shop and restaurants come to mind. The key is not to hang your work with a how much can I sell mindset but with a how many people can I connect with mindset. For example create a Facebook page, which is different from a profile, and have the pages address on you contact information by your work. Connecting via Facebook is one of the fastest ways and artist could build a fan base.That is just one small example. The point is that in this stage of an artist’s life it is more important to focus on building a following than it is to focus on sales.The final stage is sales and the great thing is if an artist as been following steps one and two the sales will comes with little or no effort. All the artist has to do is be ready for them but having systems in place to take money, deliver work, and provide needed documents to go with the work.How to sell art? Follow these simple steps: focus on the work above all, work at building an audience, be ready for sales. It is that simple. (But not that easy.)

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